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At Bloodworks Bio, we believe in giving research the best possible start. We provide biotech and research organizations a wide variety of custom blood products and services. By supplying high quality starting material, we continue Bloodworks’ rich history in supporting research and clinical innovation across the country.

BW Bio products are different than our traditional blood products because they represent customized collections and processing specific to the research, clinical, and commercial needs of our clients. We often begin with organizations at their early stage development, and our relationship grows as their programs grow.

In BW Bio, we:

  • Recruit and maintain an independent research donor pool of both healthy and disease state individuals;
  • Collect and sell biological products for research use;
  • Collect and bank cord blood for research and clinical use; and
  • Isolate, process, cryopreserve, and the potential to manufacture product for clinical use
  • Work in close collaboration with the Washington Center for Apheresis Therapy (WACAT)



Mission: Accelerating discoveries at the forefront of biomedical research by offering a complete ecosystem of blood-based biological products and cellular therapy support.

Vision: to be recognized expert in all things blood, creating solutions at the highest industry standard that accelerates discoveries for our biomedical research partners of all sizes.



Cord Blood Donation Program: Bloodworks Northwest is home to the first and only public cord blood bank in the Pacific Northwest. Our Cord Blood Donation Program has proudly banked over 14,000 cords for transplant and sent out 1200 units to patients in need.

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Research Donor Program: Bloodworks Bio maintains an established, independent donor pool of healthy, reliable blood donors, managed by an IRB-approved protocol and consent process. Because blood donated for research purposes will not be used to treat actual patients, more people are eligible to donate for research than a community blood donation (travel, MSM).

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Biological Products: Biological Products team help navigate the complexities of advancing medical discoveries. Our experts provide targeted donor recruitment and program management, collection, specialized processing and execution of customized protocols for research to benefit the future of biomedicine.

All of Us Research Program: Bloodworks Bio is a proud partner of the All of Us Research Program, a historic effort by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to engage 1 million participants from all across the United States in the transformation of precision medicine. By involving participants from diverse demographics across the country, All of Us is breaking down barriers for those who have historically been underrepresented in biomedical research.

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Advanced Cell Processing (ACP):

The ACP Laboratory supports clinical stage and commercialized cellular therapies. The facility, located on the 4th floor of Central, is a controlled laboratory environment designed and maintained to conduct closed-system and aseptic processing of blood and tissue products for investigational use. The lab adheres to GXP standards and is operated with the oversight of our QARA department. Capabilities include cell enrichment or depletion, blood product fractionation, and aseptic filling.