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2019 Partners



Hosting Partner

We provide contract development and manufacturing services that enable pharma and biotech companies to deliver medicines to patients in need. From the building blocks of life to the final drug product, our solutions are created to simplify your outsourcing experience and provide a reliable outcome when you expect it. Our extensive track record includes commercialization of pioneering therapies and manufacturing of a wide variety of drugs. Together, we can bring the next medicine to life.


ACEA Biosciences

Exhibition Partner’ 

ACEA Biosciences pioneers the development and commercialization of cutting edge cell analysis instruments. Employing noninvasive impedance microelectrodes in automated high-throughput plate formats, our xCELLigence®Real-Time Cell Analysis instruments enable label-free, real-time monitoring of cell proliferation, cell size/morphology, cell-substrate attachment quality, and cell invasion/migration. Salient applications include cancer drug discovery and immunotherapy cell killing assays. ACEA is also helping to revolutionize the field of flow cytometry by producing high performance, customizable benchtop cytometers at accessible price points. Our NovoCyte™ flow cytometers include up to 13 fluorescence detection channels with 3 lasers, direct volumetric-based cell counting, and a versatile high throughput walkaway autosampler.


SAVSU Technologies

Exhibition Partner

SAVSU Technologies builds innovative hardware and software solutions designed to protect live cell therapies during transport and storage.

SAVSU has developed EVO Cold Chain 2.0™, a fully integrated system specifically for the movement of live cells used in cell and gene therapy, biotechnology and precision medicine applications. The EVO system addresses the new challenges of advanced medicine by allowing real time visibility into product and shipper conditions, location tracking, and automated communication across stakeholders.

SAVSU’s complete line of smart, high performance shippers can be used for all temperature ranges from CRT – LN2.


Werum IT Solutions

Exhibition Partner

Werum IT Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Its out-of-the-box PAS-X software product is run by the majority ot the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and by many mid-sized manufacturers. Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions help pharma manufacturers to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and meet regulatory requirements. Founded in 1969, Werum is headquartered in Luneburg, Germany, and has many locations in Europe, America and Asia Pacific.