Agenda At A Glance

Plenary Sessions – Next Generation Innovations

Workshop A

Workshop B

Workshop C

Innovating the Future of Cell Therapy with Next Generation Gene Editing

Unlocking the Power of Cord Blood as a Platform for Scalable Manufacturing of Universal Cell Therapy Products

Navigating Through a New Complex Regulatory Landscape to Drive Future Product Development

Workshop D

Workshop E

Workshop F

Moving to the Future: Translating Product Development for an ‘Offthe- Shelf’ World Beyond Oncology

Manufacturing Challenges: Large Scale Complex Editing of Cell Therapy Products

Turning a Universal Dream into a Commercial Reality

Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat

Plenary Sessions - Spotlight on Clinical Validation





Novel Gene Engineering Strategies for Greater Safety & Efficacy of Response

Advancing Donor-Derived Approaches with Enhanced Screening & Selection

Improving Scalability to Bring the True Promise of Allogeneic Products to Life

Optimizing Cryopreservation to Revolutionize the Cold Supply Chain

Advancing Safety with Innovations in Gene Editing

Overcoming Allogeneic Graft Rejection for Greater Patient Outcomes

Enhancing Efficiency of Delivery with Non-Viral Manufacturing

Rethinking Donor Cell Source & Selection for a Smoother Supply Chain

Utilizing Alternative Effector Cells for an Off-the-Shelf Approach

Tackling Graft Versus Host Disease to Reduce Treatment- Related Mortality

Developing a Safe and Consistent Allogeneic Product for Commercial Readiness

Optimizing Sourcing & Testing of Allogeneic Starting Material to Ensure Consistency in Supply





Supercharging Solid Tumor Targeting for Broader Success

Conquering the Tumor Microenvironment to Drive Efficacy of Response

Driving Automated Manufacturing Processes for Successful Commercialisation of Allogenic Therapies

Enhancing Cold-Chain Shipping & Storage to Deliver Truly Off-the Shelf Products

Pioneering the Innovations in Gene Engineering for Enhanced Efficacy of Response

Unveiling the Tools and Strategies to Maximize Efficiency in IND Filing

Reviewing the Paradigm of Characterization & Strategical Viability Testing

Revolutionizing Data Management & Integration

Plenary Sessions – Ushering in the Next Wave of Universal Cell Therapy: Future Directions 

Advancing Durability & Persistence

Improving Persistence of Allogeneic Immune Cells for Longer Lasting Therapies

Advancing Durability to Overcome Patient Relapse Following Allogeneic Cell Therapy Treatment

Rethinking Dosing Strategies and Lymphodepletion Regimens to Optimize Persistence & Efficacy

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