iPSC-Derived Therapies Bootcamp Day

Pre-Conference iPSC-Derived Therapies Bootcamp

Monday - May 17, 2021 | 10.30 - 2.30 EST 7.30 - 11.30 PST - All times shown in EDT

Join this bootcamp to be brought up to speed on the future of cell therapy!

Learn from the pioneers showcasing their next generation approach of utilizing iPSCs as a starting material for allogeneic therapy, outlining basic biology, differentiation, cell source material, safety risks and regulatory expectations.

The iPSC-Derived Therapies Bootcamp is Sponsored By: Solentim

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10:30 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee Networking

11:00 am iPSC Development, Biology and Therapies

  • Dan Kaufman Professor & Director, Cell Therapy Program, UCSD


• Brief overview/review of the history of iPSC development
• Biological characteristics that make iPSCs uniquely suited for cell-based therapies
• Optimal criteria for iPSCs to be used for therapies

11:30 am Effective iPSC Differentiation for Generation of CAR T Cells with Canonical T Cell Phenotype and CAR T Function


• Organoid culture supports the directional differentiation of CAR+ iPSCs into highly functional CAR T cells
• iPSC CAR T cells demonstrated endogenous T cell phenotypes and conventional CAR T cell functionality
• iPSC CAR T cells has unique characteristics favorable for the potent anti-tumor effect

12:00 pm Sourcing iPSC Lines for Clinical Use


• Donor material: what characteristics are critical to enable clinical use?
• Cell source: which cell type is best for reprogramming to generate your product?
• Cost and feasibility of generating a universal iPSC line for multiple products

12:30 pm Robust Workflow for Single Cell Cloning of iPSCs for Making cGMP Master Cell Banks


• Discuss the importance of the matrix, MatriClone™
• Illustrate the timeline improvements using the VIPS™ for single cell cloning iPSCs
• Discuss cGMP requirements and considerations in choice of platform
• Presentation of new data for gene-edited iPSC

1:00 pm Networking & Refreshment Break


Take this opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, and come back to join the online networking rooms where you can meet delegates of the bootcamp and discuss your learnings so far from the morning.

2:00 pm Trust Building – Approaches Toward Ensuring Product Safety With iPSC Based Cell Therapies


• Discuss approaches to ensure against residual iPSC in final products
• Preventing editing mischief during development of iPSC derived cell therapies
• Other approaches for safety including off switches and logic gating for activation

2:30 pm Regulatory Strategies for Accelerating Development of Cellular Therapies

  • Debra Webster Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, BlueRock Therapeutics


• Setting regulatory expectations across cellular therapy landscape
• Demonstration of safety and efficacy – synergies between Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control and Pharmacology/ Toxicology Investigations
• Effective communication and strategic alignment

3:00 pm Closing Remarks