iPSC-Derived Therapies Bootcamp Day

Pre-Conference iPSC-Derived Therapies Bootcamp

Monday - May 17, 2021  |  10.30 - 2.30 EST 7.30 - 11.30 PST

Join this bootcamp to be brought up to speed on the future of cell therapy!

Learn from the pioneers showcasing their next generation approach of utilizing iPSCs as a starting material for allogeneic therapy, outlining basic biology, differentiation, cell source material, safety risks and regulatory expectations.

10:30 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee Networking

11:00 am iPSC Development, Biology and Therapies

  • Dan Kaufman Professor & Director, Cell Therapy Program, UCSD


• Brief overview/review of the history of iPSC development
• Biological characteristics that make iPSCs uniquely suited for cell-based therapies
• Optimal criteria for iPSCs to be used for therapies

11:30 am Effective iPSC Differentiation for Generation of CAR T Cells with Canonical T Cell Phenotype and CAR T Function


• Organoid culture supports the directional differentiation of CAR+ iPSCs into highly functional CAR T cells
• iPSC CAR T cells demonstrated endogenous T cell phenotypes and conventional CAR T cell functionality
• iPSC CAR T cells has unique characteristics favorable for the potent anti-tumor effect

12:00 pm Sourcing iPSC Lines for Clinical Use


• Donor material: what characteristics are critical to enable clinical use?
• Cell source: which cell type is best for reprogramming to generate your product?
• Cost and feasibility of generating a universal iPSC line for multiple products

12:30 pm Networking & Refreshment Break


Take this opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, and come back to join the online networking rooms where you can meet delegates of the bootcamp and discuss your learnings so far from the morning.

1:30 pm Trust Building – Approaches Toward Ensuring Product Safety With iPSC Based Cell Therapies


• Discuss approaches to ensure against residual iPSC in final products
• Preventing editing mischief during development of iPSC derived cell therapies
• Other approaches for safety including off switches and logic gating for activation

2:00 pm Regulatory Strategies for Accelerating Development of Cellular Therapies

  • Debra Webster Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, BlueRock Therapeutics


• Setting regulatory expectations across cellular therapy landscape
• Demonstration of safety and efficacy – synergies between Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control and Pharmacology/ Toxicology Investigations
• Effective communication and strategic alignment

2:30 pm Closing Remarks