1pm-4pm Next-Generation Genetic Engineering of iPSCs to Expand the Accessibility of Off-the-Shelf Therapies

Time: 1:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day – Workshop A afternoon


The iPSC field is exploding with excitement and investment, as the potential for these cells is being realized. Thus, they are becoming an increasingly important tool for the development of novel allogeneic cell therapies. Attend this workshop to take advantage of their unlimited supply and
explore recent developments of gene editing strategies.

In this session we will be:

  • Discussing knock-in and knock-out strategies in iPSCs and the clonal derivation of targeted integration of CARs, enhancers of function, and blocking inhibition of immune cells
  • Exploring the killing capacity of iPSC derived T cells and NK cells
  • Outlining how challenges were overcome throughout development