Critical Considerations Leveraging Successes in Allogeneic HSCT/BMT to Inform Scalable Launches of Emerging Allogeneic Cell Therapies

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day 1: Pre-Clinical & Translational - Morning


  • Discuss key successes and challenges in the facilitation of the most widely used life saving allogeneic cell therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT/BMT)
  • Buildout of critical, reliable infrastructure for cell harvest and therapy delivery
  • Expanding beyond centers of excellence to improve patient access
  • Securing a reliable and ongoing source for allogeneic donor cells from a registry of 7M+ volunteer donors
  • Building and enforcing standards to ensure equal outcomes
  • Building and maintaining IT systems to support growth and expanded use cases
  • Outline where key learnings from HSCT/BMT that may be applicable to emerging allogeneic therapies to enhance safety, efficacy, and scalability