Joanna Brewer

Joanna Brewer

Company: Adaptimmune

Job title: SVP, Allogeneic Research


Panel Discussion: Does a Super Donor Exist? 1:00 pm

• Benchmark strategies to select final donors, list the key requirements that are explored beyond HLA matching • Can an ultimate donor be consistent across multiple samples when the body’s immunology changes constantly • Generally what attributes have been identified in workflow which correlates with better efficacy, persistence, and engraftment • Understand what the attributes…Read more

day: Track B - Day 2 - 3PM

Sourcing iPSC Lines for Clinical Use 12:00 pm

• Donor material: what characteristics are critical to enable clinical use? • Cell source: which cell type is best for reprogramming to generate your product? • Cost and feasibility of generating a universal iPSC line for multiple productsRead more

day: Bootcamp Day

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