Sumiti Jain

Sumiti Jain

Company: Poseida Therapeutics

Job title: Director, Immuno- Oncology, Cell Therapy


Overcoming Safety and Tolerability Risks Cas-Clover™ Gene-Editing of TRBC and B2M Yields a Safe and Effective Off-the-Shelf BCMA CAR-T Product 3:45 pm

• Explain how the Cas-Clover activity is efficient and highly specific in multiplexed editing of TRBC and B2M • Combination of Cas-Clover gene-editing with Poseida’s proprietary piggyBac® gene delivery, booster, and process, yields a highly effective and durable allogeneic BCMA CAR-T product • The genotoxicity assessment of GMP products reveals that Poseida’s P-BCMA-ALLO has an…Read more

day: Track A - Day 2 - 1PM

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