Accelerate Clinical Validation, Potency & Funding of Off-the-Shelf Therapies with Innovations in Engineering, Analytics & Scalable Delivery to Maximize Access in Oncology & Beyond

Welcome to the 6th Annual Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit

Driving Potency, Efficacy & Durability of Universal Cell Therapies

The entire cell therapy field is experiencing a shift towards allogeneic platforms as the potential to achieve a truly off-the-shelf, universal, and efficacious cell therapy offers great advantages such as reduced cost, production and patient accessibility compared to its autologous counterparts.

Placing a spotlight on what has been deemed the ‘future of cell therapy’, the 6th Annual Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit returns to Boston this June as the leading industry focused meeting dedicated to accelerating the safety, durability and clinical translation of off-the-shelf therapies to deliver affordable and accessible treatments for patients in critical need.

Across a jam-packed agenda consisting of 60+ hours of content, 3 in-depth tracks, 1 Investor & Business Development Focus Day,1 Beyond Oncology Bootcamp Day and more; our 50+ expert speakers will lead you and your peers in discussions that will help to transform universal cell therapies for patients across the globe.


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Our World Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Bryan Kobel Speaker

Bryan Kobel

Chief Executive Officer

TCBiopharm New!

Cokey Nguyen Speaker

Cokey Nguyen

Chief Scientific & Technical Officer

Atara Biotherapeutics Inc.

Colleen Delaney Speaker

Colleen Delaney

Scientific Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President of R&D

Deverra Therapeutics

Devon Shedlock Speaker

Devon Shedlock

Chief Scientific Officer

Poseida Therapeutics New!

Erin Kimbrel Speaker

Erin Kimbrel

Vice President of Research

Astellas New!

Kanya Rajangam

Kanya Rajangam

Head R&D, CMO

Senti Biosciences Inc. New!

Paul Song Speaker

Paul Song

Chief Scientific Officer

NKGen Biotech New!

Wei Li Speaker

Wei Li

Chief Scientific Officer

Cytovia Therapeutics New!

"The networking opportunities are great. I get the chance to talk to many people in this field and get to know some key players. Talks are relevant and informative”

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"Was great to meet Chief Scientific Officers and other high-level management from multiple companies”

Poseida Therapeutics

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