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Despite the significant breakthrough represented by autologous cell therapies in the field of cancer immunotherapy, challenges remain. Autologous cell therapies require bespoke manufacturing processes resulting in high costs, manufacturing failure in some patients and delay in availability of treatment.

Allogeneic cell therapies can address these issues using healthy donors and scaled-up manufacturing processes. However, several key challenges still need to be overcome such as avoiding GVHD and avoiding elimination by the host immune system.

Bringing together both immunotherapy and regenerative medicine leaders, the Allogeneic Cell Therapy Summit is focused on the clinical and commercial development of engineered allogeneic cell therapies with improved manufacturing and commercialization to benefit patients in need.

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Join industry leaders to:

  • Explore automation to reduce the cost of allogeneic cell therapies
  • Address the need for effective cold chain supply to ensure allogeneic cell therapies are delivered to patients without losing desired characteristics
  • Discover means to commercialize allogeneic cell therapies with effective scale-up/scale-out
  • Assess the capabilities of genetic engineering to create bespoke allogeneic cell therapies
  • Highlight the need for comparability and analytical tools to assist process development
about event