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5th Annual Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit

As the allogeneic space continues to see exciting collaborations and investments roll in, and on the edge of potential milestone clinical readouts eagerly anticipating positive safety and efficacy data, the 5th Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit united the global community to explore end-to-end insights from discovery through to supply chain for successful clinical development of your allogeneic pipeline.

Leaders from Allogene, Caribou, Cellectis, Atara Biotherapeutics and more discussed innovations in next generation gene engineering, complex base editing, driving scalability, rethinking dose selections and lymphodepletion regimens for development of safer and more persistent universal cell therapies.

Top Reasons to Have Attended:

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Elevate the safety of your gene edited products with VOR Biopharma, Bristol Myers Squibb and Anocca using novel genetic engineering approaches and next generation gene editing strategies

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Optimize your donor selection and screening program using enhanced selection strategies and profiling techniques with Gracell, Vycellix and more!

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Drive operational scalability with Phosphogam, Mink Therapeutics and Catamaran Bio to build foundational knowledge on how to seamlessly scale up and meet patient demand

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Explore best-in class characterization & QC testing with Stempeutics, Wugen, Takeda, NIST and more to demonstration consistent and reliable product development for regulatory agencies

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Navigate innovative clinical trial designs, lymphodepletion regimens and dosing strategies with Avenge Bio, Indapta, Caribou Bio and more to enhance durability and persistence of allogeneic approaches

What Previous Attendees Had to Say:

“This was a very nice event. The focus on Allogeneic was really good and this summit provided an opportunity to have a more holistic view of the field and its potential. Very well done!” Celyad

“Great opportunity to learn and exchange with industry leaders” Bristol Myers Squibb

"Fantastic overview of the highlights, successes and challenges of allogeneic cell therapies in with great networking opportunities!” Cellectis

“Excellent oppourtunity to network with and learn from leaders in the allogeneic cell therapy space” Membio

“Focused and diligent talks with regards to the allogeneic landscape across many disciplines.” Triumvira Immunologics

“The event was very well organized, and the quality of speakers was great” A2 Biotherapeutics