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Welcome to the Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit

CAR-T has revolutionized cancer treatment, showing clear curative potential in autologous settings. Now the field is looking to take these treatments one step further, to deliver next generation products that are cheaper, safer and more efficacious to deliver greater benefit to more patients globally.

It seems nearly all cell therapy companies are now investing in allogeneic approaches to reduce the cost of goods and increase their accessibility. The huge price tag that comes attached to personalized therapy is not realistic to treat large proportions of people, and the only way to ensure these curative products reach more patients is through off-the shelf development.

Join the Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit in 2022 to connect with experts from cell therapy and regenerative medicine to discuss strategies to improve cell infiltration in the solid tumor microenvironment, novel approaches in stem cell collection, next generation gene engineering and regulatory standards to ensure the safe and efficacious development of these evolving therapies.

Key discussions from 2021:

  • Is Persistence Necessary to Achieve Efficacy?
  • Overcoming Safety and Tolerability Risks
  • Sourcing iPSC Donor Material
  • Process Innovation to Lower Cost-of-Goods & Meet Regulatory Standards
  • Standardize Cryopreservation & Formulation Best Practice
  • Does a Super Donor Exist?
  • Navigating Global Regulatory Challenges for Off-the-Shelf Production