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Over the last 5 years cell therapies have seen huge increases in development due to several technological breakthroughs. However, the manufacturing, logistics and commercialization still make this an incredibly expensive area of research and development.

Although autologous cell therapies have seen success, commercially they haven’t lived up to their promise with challenges in scaling, manufacturing and meeting patient demand. Allogeneic cell therapies offer the opportunity to improve the keys aspects of autologous cell therapies through the use of donor cell banks, however, there are several key clinical challenges that need to be overcome.

The Allogeneic Cell Therapy Summit is focused on the clinical and commercial development of engineered allogeneic cell therapies with improved manufacturing and commercialization to benefit patients in need.

Join us and leading experts as we drive towards the future of cell therapies with allogeneic cell therapy approaches that are enhanced through engineering boasting a simpler and more cost effective manufacturing strategies with improved commercial benefits.

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about event