7:50 am Registration & Morning Coffee

Paving the Path to Success With Next Generation Innovations

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Barbra Sasu Chief Scientific Officer, Allogene Therapeutics

9:00 am Evolution of Anti-Rejection Strategies for Allogeneic Cell Therapy

  • Barbra Sasu Chief Scientific Officer, Allogene Therapeutics

9:30 am Next Generation Cancer Immunotherapy: CAR-CIK Manufacturing Process


  • Made from allogeneic healthy donor cells
  • No leukapheresis required
  • No cell purification steps
  • Non-viral gene transfer method

10:00 am A Full Landscape Overview of the Allogeneic Cell Therapy Space


  • Assessing how allogeneic cell therapies align with the rest of the cell therapy landscape
  • What does the existing allogeneic landscape consist of and how has it changed over recent years?
  • Insights into potential trends and the potential future of allogeneic therapies for oncology


10:30 am Morning Refreshment Break & Networking

Pre-Clinical & Translation

Supercharging Solid Tumor Targeting for Broader Success

12:00 pm Developing CAR-NK Therapies for Solid Tumors

  • Guanghui Hu Chief Executive Officer, Naki Therapeutics


  • We are developing a “combination” CAR-NK therapy (integrating IL15 with anti-CD147 CAR-NK) that has shown a great promise in treating solid tumors in pre-clinical studies
  • We have also developed a NK / CAR-NK cell expansion technology platform with great expansion efficiency and fidelity

12:30 pm Development & Production Strategies to Enable Migration from Autologous CAR-T to Allogeneic Gamma/ Delta-T Cells


  • Advantages of the gamma/delta-T cell chassis over CAR-T alpha/ beta T-cells
  • Native and CAR gamma/delta-T cell killing efficacy in multiple disease applications.
  • Discussing the challenges of high-scale, high-quality gamma/ delta-T cell production.


Driving Scalable Manufacturing & Optimizing Characterization for Successful Commercialisation of Allogenic Therapies

12:00 pm Standards and Strategies for Establishing Fit-For-Purpose Analytical Methods for Cell Therapy Product Characterization

  • Sumona Sarkar Biomedical Engineer, National Institute of Standards & Technology - NIST


• Update on standards available/under development for cell characterization

• Public-Private partnerships for cell and gene therapy analytical method development

• Description of an approach to establish fit-for-purpose cell viability methods that are relevant to a cell manufacturing process

12:30 pm Characterizing Raw Starting Materials & Product for Quality, Safety & Efficacy

  • Yu Qian Associate Director - Cell Therapies, Chemistry Manufacturing & Control, Takeda


Revolutionizing Data Management & Process Integration

12:00 pm Innovating Sophisticated Digital Tools to Establish a Data Management/ Integration System Equipped to Handle Complex Allogeneic Products


  • As next generation allogeneic products become more complex, how can we develop tools to manage more data and processing volumes?
  • Digitalising the supply chain for greater control and tracking of raw material source, supply and quality

12:30 pm Cell Therapy Lab / Cell Pharmacy : The Resources Needed for the Onboarding of Cell Therapy Products

  • Albert Ribickas Associate Director, Operations, Cell Therapy Facility, Moffitt Cancer Center


  • The field currently
  • Staff, Space, and the Challenge of New Products
  • Standardization – Where do we begin?

1:00 pm Lunch

Ushering in the Next Wave of Universal Cell Therapy – Future Directions

2:00 pm Unlocking the Groundbreaking Potential of iNKT Cells for Allogeneic Cancer Therapy


  • Arovella is developing its novel iNKT cell therapy platform to develop allogenic cell therapies to treat cancer.
  • Arovella is initially targeting haematological malignancies with its lead product ALA-101. Through a strategic collaboration with Imugene, Arovella will use ALA-101 to target solid tumours.
  • Arovella is also developing its DKK1- CARiNKT cells to target multiple myeloma and solid tumours.

2:30 pm Developing Next-Generation Allogeneic Therapies for Solid Tumors Based on Gamma Delta T cells


  • Discussing characteristics of gamma delta T cells as source for an allogeneic cell therapy approach
  • Redirecting gamma delta T cells with TCRs against peptide-HLA targets to combat solid tumors
  • Exploring next-gen strategies to potentiate anti-tumor activity

3:00 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

3:30 pm Development of iPSC-Derived Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies for Treatment of Liquid & Solid Tumors


  • Harnessing the power of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to develop novel allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies for cancer
  • Multiplex engineering of iPSCs to develop allogeneic Gamma Delta T cells that can safely and effectively mediate anti-tumor immunity
  • CAR design strategies that address disease-specific challenges

4:00 pm B Cells as a Novel Off-The-Shelf Cell Therapy


  • CRISPR/Cas gene editing results in high efficiency B cell engineering
  • B cells can be differentiated into long lived plasma cells
  • Plasma cells have naturally allogeneic properties that make them ideal for cell therapy

4:30 pm SEAKERs: Targeted Cellular Micropharmacies that Generate Small- Molecule Drugs in situ

  • Derek Tan Member, Tri-institutional Professor, Chair, Chemical Biology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • SEAKER (Synthetic Enzyme Armed KillER) cells are CAR-T cells engineered to activate small-molecule prodrugs locally at tumor sites
  • SEAKER platform is modular and can incorporate different engineered cells, antigen targets, and enzyme–prodrug combinations in vitro and in vivo proofof- concept has been established for the SEAKER approach using two different enzyme–prodrug combinations


5:00 pm Closing Remarks and Close of Conference