Colleen Delaney

Colleen Delaney

Company: Deverra Therapeutics

Job title: Scientific Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President of R&D


Panel Discussion: What Criteria Make the Ideal Starting Material for Allogeneic Products? 3:30 pm

A discussion around identifying and improving starting materials for allogeneic products What weaknesses remain in current starting materials that the industry must overcome? What is the true benefit of a ‘perfect’ starting material when considering the final product?Read more

day: Manufacturing Track Day One PM

Overcoming Hurdles in Allogeneic Cell Therapy Development Using Pooled Donor Cord Blood CD34+ Cells as the Starting Material 5:30 pm

Highlighting the benefits and opportunities of utilizing cord blood as a starting material Considering the potential benefits and risks of pooled donor manufacturing Discussion of Deverra’s platform and clinical outcomes using pooled donor allogeneic cell therapy in upfront AMLRead more

day: Conference Day One

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