Tirtha Chakraborty

Tirtha Chakraborty

Company: Vor Biopharma

Job title: CSO


Utilizing Gene Editing Technology to Minimize Ontarget, Off-tumor Toxicity Risk in AML 3:00 pm

Exploring the risks associated with immuno-therapy in AML Next-generation hematopoietic cell transplant Power of genome editing for precision of the drug and the safety of the patientsRead more

day: Day 1: Pre-Clinical & Translational - Afternoon

Panel Discussion: Overcoming Safety Fears to Build Complex Gene-Edited Therapies 4:30 pm

Comparing traditional gene editing strategies to CRISPR Cas9, Base editing etc How can we achieve a greater repertoire of gene edits in a safe manner? What are the downstream implications for manufacturing if you engage with complex gene editing? Exploring how to improve specificity of endo nucleases whilst balancing cargo sizeRead more

day: Day 1: Pre-Clinical & Translational - Afternoon 2

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